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Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club of Wichita Promoting Female Bikers.
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Are you interested in becoming a Krome Kitty?
Here’s what you have to do:

New Member Requirements

  • Potential members must be female.
  • Potential members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Potential members must complete the Member Application form which can be printed from the link below.
  • Potential members must be an active motorcyclist with a current valid motorcycle license.
  • Potential members must have either two (2) years of current riding experience or completed a certified safety riding course within the past 12 months.
  • Potential members must own or have access to a motorcycle (but no crotch rockets, please!)
  • To maintain active membership status, members must attend three (3) KKMC activities per year, two of which must be road trips.
  • Potential members must pay in full the annual dues when joining KKMC.

Motorcycle Club Guidelines

All members are asked to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Pay annual dues to the KKMC.
  • Abstain from using illegal drugs or alcohol while participating in any KKMC activity.
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards all Kitties and guests during KKMC activities.
  • Promote the image of women motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Believe that safety is the first priority in all activities - believe that fun is the second priority.

Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club Dues

  • KKMC dues shall be $30.00 per year and are due on April 1st or when joining KKMC.
  • If the Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club should ever disband, all remaining money in the Treasury will be used to reimburse Janice Friedman and Lori Resnik, founding Kitties, for out of pocket expenses related to the start up of the Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club. If after making the reimbursement, there are funds remaining in the Treasury, it will be donated to a charity to be named at the time of disbandment.

Co-Founders Janice and Lori

If you have any question please Contact Us here or email
Janice () or
Lori ()

Contact Us
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